The secret is to keep the pencils sharp. I’m using the same technique I use for my portraits, it’s slow but it brings them out a lot more. #Mew #Mewtwo #Pokémon #Art #Illustration


I caught a shiny Phantump

he’s called Tree.~ 




Here it is, the underwhelming finale to my POKEDDEX challenge! Got a fair bit to say about this Pokemon.

Elekid here goes into my favourite electric type, coolest looking, favourite Pokemon design, cutest, scariest, most rad chad, and favourite baby. Heck if I really wanted to mess around with the POKEDDEX i’d of drawn an Elekid for every day just doing something related. These little electric dynamos mean something else entirely to me in Pokemon games.

Five years ago in Diamond version I hatched an Elekid I named “Haruko”. I felt like after raising a bunch of fully evolved Pokemon i’d take a shot at raising my favourite first form Pokemon, and since that time, Haruko’s become my most trusted Pokemon partner. She’s combat many different legendaries and won, taken on completely impossible odds and succeeded, and always manages to fit into whatever team I put together. She’s conquered all kinds of different aspects of the Pokemon world like contests, Pokeathlons and Red, and has just always been there whenever I explore Sinnoh and Unova.

And so that’s that, POKEDDEX complete!


Pokemon Center Vending Machine Kiosk - Tacoma, Wa.


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jasmine the steel-clad defense girl
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