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brandiekkitten asked:
9 - 11, 39, 40

9: Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon?

10: Umbreon or Espeon?

11 Leafeon or Glaceon?

39: Jigglypuff or Clefairy?

40: Plusle or Minun?

blaze-chime asked:
7 11 84

7: Grass starters, Fire starters, or Water starters?
Fire starters

11: Leafeon or Glaceon?

84: Drought, Drizzle, Sand Stream, or Snow Warning?


With the release of the ORAS demo we get to see all the shiny forms of the new megas along with a mysterious mega hoopa mega.

Here are the thought stats for all the new megas based on the demo:

  • Swampert-M Stats: 100/150/110/95/110/70 Type: Water/Ground Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3
  • Sceptile-M Stats: 70/110/75/145/85/145 Type: Grass/Dragon Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3
  • Sableye-M Stats: 50/85/125/85/115/20 Type: Dark/Ghost Catchrate: 45 Stage: 2
  • Altaria-M Stats: 75/110/110/110/105/80 Type: Dragon/Fairy Catchrate: 45 Stage: 2
  • Gallade-M Stats: 68/165/95/65/115/110 Type: Psychic/Fighting Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3
  • Audino-M Stats: 103/60/126/80/126/50 Type: Normal/Fairy Catchrate: 255 Stage: 2
  • Sharpedo-M Stats: 70/140/70/110/65/105 Type: Water/Dark Catchrate: 60 Stage: 2
  • Slowbro-M Stats: 95/75/180/130/80/30 Type: Water/Psychic Catchrate: 75 Stage: 2
  • Steelix-M Stats: 75/125/230/55/95/30 Type: Steel/Ground Catchrate: 25 Stage: 2
  • Pidgeot-M Stats: 83/80/80/135/80/121 Type: Normal/Flying Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3
  • Glalie-M Stats: 80/120/80/120/80/100 Type: Ice/Ice Catchrate: 75 Stage: 2
  • Diancie-M Stats: 50/160/110/160/110/110 Type: Rock/Fairy Catchrate: 3 Stage: 3
  • Metagross-M Stats: 80/145/150/105/110/110 Type: Steel/Psychic Catchrate: 3 Stage: 3
  • Kyogre-P Stats: 100/150/90/180/160/90 Type: Water/Water Catchrate: 3 Stage: 3
  • Groudon-P Stats: 100/180/160/150/90/90 Type: Ground/Fire Catchrate: 3 Stage: 3
  • Rayquaza-M Stats: 105/180/100/180/100/115 Type: Dragon/Flying Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3
  • Hoopa-”M” Stats: 80/160/60/170/130/80 Type: Psychic/Dark Catchrate: 3 Stage: 3
  • Camerupt-M Stats: 70/120/100/145/105/20 Type: Fire/Ground Catchrate: 150 Stage: 2
  • Lopunny-M Stats: 65/136/94/54/96/135 Type: Normal/Fighting Catchrate: 60 Stage: 2
  • Salamence-M Stats: 95/145/130/120/90/120 Type: Dragon/Flying Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3
  • Beedrill-M Stats: 65/150/40/15/80/145 Type: Bug/Poison Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3

Start making your move sets and breeding your future mega Pokemon!


and a chanseyyy


So, I made my self a Litwick Candle holder (with removable hat!) for Halloween, and I have decided to give one away! You can also download the model for FREE! on Thingiverse  :)


*this contest is for one fully painted Litwick figure and a wax candle.

*every re-blog counts as an entry, please only one re-blog per blog and likes will not count as an entry. you do NOT have to be following me to enter:)

*I will use a random number generator to determine the winner, Who will be chosen on october 31st. I will contact this person, who will have a week to respond, otherwise I will randomly chose another winner (please feel free to message me if this is a problem)

*you must be 18 or older to enter

*I will only be shipping in the united states 

Thanks for reading and good luck~ 

banette: a doll that became a Pokémon over its grudge of being thrown away. It seeks the child who disowned it. (x)

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Substitute Plush at the Tokyo Pokemon Center



damn….. ash is shredded as fuck

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Ok, if you thought Mega Glalie was terrifying before, read what the official website has to say:




The excessive energy from its Mega Evolution gushes out of its mouth, blasting away and destroying its jaw. It is no longer able to close its mouth, and the freezing air it emits becomes far stronger. It tosses foes into its gaping mouth, expelling a burst of chilled air to freeze them instantly.”


Morbidly cute

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